Sunday, September 25, 2011

Munchies 420 Cafe - Where Fat is Good

Hubby and I are huge Man vs. Food lovers, so when we saw Adam Richman head down to Sarasota to take on the Fire in Your Hole Challenge at Munchies 420, we knew the place would end up on our "must eat" list. But don't get me wrong - I wouldn't touch that "ghost pepper" hot wing challenge for all the money in the world. As you walk into the cafe, the wall of shame photos that greet you are anything but appetizing. They show people who attempted the challenge, but failed, in various states of agony - sweating, puking, crying and looking like death itself. Adam's wall of shame photo actually says, "I hate you so much." Ouch.

I, on the other hand, would actually like to enjoy my food. So, we opted for one of the other things the cafe is well known for - a Fat Sandwich. These sandwiches are enormous and stuffed with every greasy spoon food you can imagine - chicken fingers, mozzarella stix, onion hoops, mac-n-cheese and spuds. You know, basically a heart attack on a plate. We decided to split a Fat Dickie (get your head out of the gutter, it's named after "Uncle Rick"). It's a works chicken philly (with mushrooms, onions and peppers), made with chicken fingers instead of grilled chicken, mozzarella stix, onion hoops and cheddar cheese sauce. But because of my aversion, we held the onions. Here's the gluttonous bounty in all its glory:

I have to say, while I was eating this, I actually had no idea what exactly I was eating and that was almost part of the fun. It was as if everything and the kitchen sink had been thrown in, and you just had to stick your face into the gooey-ness and know that it would come out a hot mess. The crunchiness of the chicken fingers and mozzarella stix were a good compliment to the hot melty cheese and soft cooked veggies. It was drunk food at its finest, but you don't actually need to be drunk to enjoy it.

The drawbacks of this place are that the food does take quite a while to come out, and the indoor seating is very minimal. When we ordered, we were told that we'd have to wait 40 minutes for our food. While I think it was actually more like 30 minutes, that's still quite a long time to wait for one sandwich. But as it was a Saturday night, the place was packed and people were picking up carry-out orders by the dozen. Inside, there are only 3 booths and a few stools at bars on either side of the entryway. While plenty of picnic tables are available outside, they're in direct sunlight as the sun is setting. We waited about 10 minutes there, before the heat drove us around the corner to sit at one of the nearby ice cream shop's tables in the shade. After another 10 minutes, we wandered back inside and found an empty booth (thank goodness!). Next time, I'd place my order over the phone ahead of time, so that I could eat immediately upon arrival. Because it took all my strength to smell the yumminess coming out of the kitchen and not jump behind the counter to stuff my face. Just remember - they're only open from 4:20pm to 4:20am!

saraSOtasty Rating:
Atmosphere - D
Taste - B+
Presentation - C
Service - C
Price - $

Restaurant Info:
6639 Superior Ave
Sarasota FL 34231
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  1. Where did you go SaraSoTasty? If you ever come back to Tally for a visit, we need to grab some lunch!

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